Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pregnancy update

Well, obviously not a very consistent blog.....and, I have tonnes of tags to finish :-)

Yes, most of you have known that I m carrying big tummy right now....well, literally BIG! Mil said ppl think I m gonna deliver anytime soon....but I m only at my 30th week now. Still have 2.5 months to go :-)

I had my 30th week check up last weekend in Melaka (as I plan to deliver in Melaka just like my first....). This is the first time I m seeing him for my 2nd pregnancy. As usual, he's nice and friendly and despite sooo...many patients outside, he still did my scan carefully and patiently.

Baby is very active and keep blocking him while he was trying to get a good mugshot of the baby's face :-) It was fun to see him 'fighting' (yeah, by hitting my tummy with his scanner) with baby to get the shot. haha.

It's my first time having a 3D scan for my 2nd baby (pethetic right....didn't had chance to see Dr Guna as timing was always out- again, the other of my beloved gynea!) We were thrilled and excited!

baby's weight = 2.1kg
I think this is consider BIG. i checked Babycentre.com and it says baby at 30th week weighs about 3 pounds = 1.36kg only....

Gynea said I have excess water....
Well, he said this is a sign of diabetic ;-( I'll have to go for a blood test soon to confirm. Yes, I love sweet stuff a lot! Even for dumpling, I go for nyonya 'chang' then my usual favourite of the 'bak and salted egg'. Love dessert and ice creams!
Love fruits too. Have tonnes of fruit whole day ;-)

Ray's reaction:-
Whenever she sees my big tummy, she'll rub it and say 'sayang baby' and start kissing my tummy. I don't know how her reaction will be like when she see the real baby delivered in September ;-)


Miranda Lea said...

huah..not long..tik tok tik tok...heheh..new baby .sleepless nights..i can't forget mine and still having little or less sleep..but i bet DD will be excited too..

vichelle said...

hi Miranda, nice meeting you :-)