Friday, December 23, 2005


Daddy n Mommy brought baby Joo to Singapore Zoo. Joo was stunned to see so many big animals live! Joo has been watching Barney Goes to Zoo and a few days before our Singapore trip, I actually sat down with her and 'went thru' all the animals on the screen so that she get familiar with them.

Joo loves to do the elephant walking act. She will put her hands together and moves her arms pretend like the elephant trunk and open her legs and walk pretend like how elephant walk. and, she called elephant 'el - fern' now!

Weather was good on the day we visited the zoo (mommy hates hot day). Joo was fascinated by the monkeys, Siberian tigers, elephants, lessie dogs, seagull...etc.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

White Collar Joo

Today is Raya's eve. I didn't take a day off as today is a good day to work. No jam on the road, no phone calls in the office and not many people in the office.
PIL got to leave KL today and they dropped Joo with me after we had a vegetarian meal.
Joo was so excited to see new environments. White boards, sofas, photostat machines, files were all her new toys at that moment! She ran from reception area to the conference room and from pantry to mommy's room. Climbed up mommy's chair to play with mommy's tea and made her clothes wet.
She stayed in the office from 2pm to 5.30pm when daddy came to pick us....

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Poor little Joo

Joo was admitted to Pantai Melaka midnite last nite. Both me and hubby rushed back from KL and reached Melaka at 2 am. We both were so worried and I kept praying on my way home.
When I reached the ward, poor Joo look so sick and pale. Fortunately, her fever subside after the antibiotic jab. We put her in baby cot and she slept for a while. Daddy slept on her bed while mommy slept on the couch.
We thot she can discharge the next day. However, pead held her for 3 nights! Her fever was monitored but everyone in the family treated the ward like a hotel room. We stayed with her, tabao food in, watch TV series and brought our clothes to bath there!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Superstar Joo!

I was searching hi and low for baby talent for my new product. Out of sudden my boss said, "hey, why not you use Rachelle?" Then, I picked up the phone and checked if mil can bring her up. They were all excited coz Joo is gonna be a superstar!
The shot took place from 11am all the way to 4pm. Joo refused to nap at the studio. She was like a real superstar coz whenever spot light shine on her, she got energetic!
Joo slept on the way home from studio....all the way till 7.30pm that day. Guess she was really exhausted. Mil told me that it's no fun to be a superstar. Asked me to try avoid this again.
Here are some of the shots we did.....Joo earn her first salary today....hehe.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Happy 1st Birthday

It's Joo's birthday party today. Me and hubby wanted to give her a big 'no 1' cake. And, we are tired of the commercial cake house and decided to order a homemade cake. Upon reaching the baker's house, we were attracted by a 3D bear shaped cake. So, we ended up taking a bear (coz too cute to resist!) plus a little no. 1 cake. This is the cake picture :-)

Sil bot a lovely dress for her and also she has many friends around. Well, not that she knows anyone of them but it was fun seeing so many kids surrounding her.