Sun Shine Ray

Sunday, August 12, 2007

How vain are you?

How vain am I? Well, I'd say ever since becoming a mother, no more heels for my weekend outing and shopping. And, I'll try to wear the most comfy shoes and outfit.

However, on and off I still have to have new addition to my wardrobe but mostly due to work nature....can't afford to not to look too sin lai as still have to face people in the office ;-(

You Are 39% Vain

Okay, so you're slightly vain from time to time, but you're not superficial at all.
You are realistic. You know that looks matter. You just try to make them matter less.

Next I want to see how vain is :-
1. Sharon
2. Sandra
3. Jazzmint

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Shrek's feet!

I took a picture of my feet....they started to get swollen at my 33 weeks onwards :-(

I have no guts to post it in the blog cos they look like Shrek's! To be exact, I think they look like Fiona's feet (Shrek's wife who got pregnant in the latest screening) just that they are not green in colour.

Water retention was so bad that my fingers/palm get swollen as well especially in the morning.

I got worried and went to the doctor. Apparently bp was ok and she said there's nothing I can do except lifting my feet up during work....I did that but didn't help much :-(

In my last pregnancy, my feet got swollen as early as 5th month and couldn't fit into any of my normal shoes....

Friday, July 06, 2007

Recalling memory on breastfeeding....

For my first pregnancy, I had very little knowledge about BF. Just know that must let baby latch on asap and stimulate to get milk flow....
Well, baby Rachelle being a 'big and mature' baby (3.45kg at birth of 39 weeks), latched on immediately and started sucking non stop in the hospital. I didn't know if there's any milk flow (coz i couldn't see at all and no engogement) but she can keep on sucking for hours ;-)

When I reached home, I started to feed her with my breast (still no engogement yet on the third day)....I could see milk flowing (white) and yes, she was still sucking non stop. Then, I got 'panic'. I dunno whether she's full coz I hold her for an hour and when I put her in her cot, she'll still continue to open her mouth as if still hungry.....

she had a huge appetite and I always feel breathless coz my supply always can't catch up with her demand!

Mil, whom doesn't believe in BF, told me that baby is still hungry. so, there start the formula of 1 or 2 oz for her....

I had a good flow of milk since then. I decided to pump it out (using Avent, of course) and feed her. This way, I thot I can 'measure' how much is her intake and also 'time' her as to 2 hrs per feed or something like that. My milk was enough for her but I was so busy pumping like a cow!

Now that I m in my 2nd pregnancy, I just wanna get the advice from all your expert out there....what have I done wrong and right?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tag : The meaning of Rachelle Loke Joo Ann's name

Chanel, sorry for late submission :-)

Daddy came out with the name 'Rachel'. And, becoz mommy's name ends with 'elle', so I decided to give her the French version of Rachel - Rachelle.

Meaning of Rachelle - lamb according to the Baby Names book. However, because we are not Christian, so, we didn't actually quite bothered what the meaning is ;-)

We took quite some time to decide a chinese name. Daddy can't read Chinese so can't help much. Mommy read thru the Chinese dictionary and look for nice and 'not-so-girlish' Chinese words.

We then decide to end the name by the word 'ern' (mandarin. Meaning in BM = 'jasa' can't think of its English translation...) This word can be used for both boy and girl. So, we decide to adopt this word for our kids :-)

Then, the middle name 'rou' (mandarin. Meaning - gentle) .

Instead of calling Rachelle Loke rou-ern, we decide to adopt the Hakka pronounciation of rou-ern. So, it became 'Joo' 'Ann'.

Infact, she can be called Joanne but daddy doesn't like this English name....

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Chubby cheeks :-)

I've not updated Rachelle's picture for a long time.....she has grown so much and her chubby cheeks are still obvious....hii hii.

Many said she looks more like hubby. Only one or 2 of my frens who knows my side of family member said she looks more like me. I think she inherit the round and chubby face from my side of family...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pregnancy update

Well, obviously not a very consistent blog.....and, I have tonnes of tags to finish :-)

Yes, most of you have known that I m carrying big tummy right now....well, literally BIG! Mil said ppl think I m gonna deliver anytime soon....but I m only at my 30th week now. Still have 2.5 months to go :-)

I had my 30th week check up last weekend in Melaka (as I plan to deliver in Melaka just like my first....). This is the first time I m seeing him for my 2nd pregnancy. As usual, he's nice and friendly and despite sooo...many patients outside, he still did my scan carefully and patiently.

Baby is very active and keep blocking him while he was trying to get a good mugshot of the baby's face :-) It was fun to see him 'fighting' (yeah, by hitting my tummy with his scanner) with baby to get the shot. haha.

It's my first time having a 3D scan for my 2nd baby (pethetic right....didn't had chance to see Dr Guna as timing was always out- again, the other of my beloved gynea!) We were thrilled and excited!

baby's weight = 2.1kg
I think this is consider BIG. i checked and it says baby at 30th week weighs about 3 pounds = 1.36kg only....

Gynea said I have excess water....
Well, he said this is a sign of diabetic ;-( I'll have to go for a blood test soon to confirm. Yes, I love sweet stuff a lot! Even for dumpling, I go for nyonya 'chang' then my usual favourite of the 'bak and salted egg'. Love dessert and ice creams!
Love fruits too. Have tonnes of fruit whole day ;-)

Ray's reaction:-
Whenever she sees my big tummy, she'll rub it and say 'sayang baby' and start kissing my tummy. I don't know how her reaction will be like when she see the real baby delivered in September ;-)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Trying to link back to bloggers' world....

As many of you can see, I've not updated my blog for a long long time. Many thot that I'd have lost interest or many have given up checking my blogs :-)

Well, many things happened over the past 7-8 months....
First i lost my beloved dad end of last year.....He was 81 and passed on peacefully without sickness.....yup, it was a big age gap between me n him and I was the youngest child in the same generation....

Then, I was travelling a lot between KL and Melaka just to make sure my mom's ok. Thankfully, she has lots of Buddhist temple activities to occupy her.... and, also, thanks to my sis as she was there all the time to accompany her too....