Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tag : The meaning of Rachelle Loke Joo Ann's name

Chanel, sorry for late submission :-)

Daddy came out with the name 'Rachel'. And, becoz mommy's name ends with 'elle', so I decided to give her the French version of Rachel - Rachelle.

Meaning of Rachelle - lamb according to the Baby Names book. However, because we are not Christian, so, we didn't actually quite bothered what the meaning is ;-)

We took quite some time to decide a chinese name. Daddy can't read Chinese so can't help much. Mommy read thru the Chinese dictionary and look for nice and 'not-so-girlish' Chinese words.

We then decide to end the name by the word 'ern' (mandarin. Meaning in BM = 'jasa' can't think of its English translation...) This word can be used for both boy and girl. So, we decide to adopt this word for our kids :-)

Then, the middle name 'rou' (mandarin. Meaning - gentle) .

Instead of calling Rachelle Loke rou-ern, we decide to adopt the Hakka pronounciation of rou-ern. So, it became 'Joo' 'Ann'.

Infact, she can be called Joanne but daddy doesn't like this English name....

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chanelwong said...

Do you know that Rachel is a good name in Christian...let me find time to find for you..And also the name Ern or actually En is a favourite name for Christina because it means Grace....
She has indeed a beatiful name...