Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Doggy Year!

Joo has tailormade cheongsam every year from Grand Aunt. Hubby's aunt is tailor and she used to make CNY samfu/cheong sam every year for SIL when she was young. Now is Joo's turn. See how time flies!

Nothing special happened this CNY. Me and hubby had a very anti-social CNY. We hid at home and only attended relatives gatherings. Weather is too hot and too hassle to bring Joo out for friends gathering :-)

Joo got to meet her cousin (my brother's DS) this CNY. She calls him di-di (7 months younger) and they both get along very well. 2 little rascal running in my mom's house and destroyed my mom's mosquito netting, plants, cookie jars...etc. hevoc!